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Please scroll down to read about our cattery and see a few of our angelic purrs..

little Romeo (peanut)
passed away 10-27-08

where we love & cherish every angelic baby...


              Welcome to Angelicpurrs Cattery..
Please enter with a happy heart and enjoy your visit with us..We are a small cage-less cattery located in Saginaw Michigan, We have the traditional dollface Himalayans/Persians available in many wonderful color patterns.All persians are very beautiful in thier own right, but I fell in love with the dollface for it's sweet open exspression many years ago. our Angelic babies are not what you will typically see in the show ring but occationally we do have a more breed standard litter (please see my kitten classification page)My goal is to raise happy, healthy well socialized kittens so all of our babies are raised early on lovingly underfoot recieving plenty of love and affection. We keep our cattery very small to avoid the use of cages as a means of housing our cats, All of my cats and kittens are allowed to free roam my home, We do however have a few cages set up in our nursery for the mommy's to be who feel more secure using them.
I have added some new photo's to my photo album, Which you can visit by clicking the link below..I love taking pictures of the new babies so others can watch them grow.

I love taking pictures of all my little angels and hope you'll take a peak. just click here to veiw my photo album..I am always adding new pictures because there is always something cute going on around here

Cats are beautiful little Angels with fur sent to brighten our days....

We believe a well socialized kitten is the key to a happy healthy kitten..so all of our kitten's are held and
loved by many people before they go to their forever
homes..We allow our babies to blend with our family
at an early age..this also allows us to learn their
unique personalities..after all no two kittens are alike,
some are just natually more out going then others,
while others are timid, cuddly etc..

*All of our kitten's are vet checked & recieve their first set of shots*



Jodi@angelicpurrs cattery

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All photos property of Angelicpurrs cattery, Saginaw Michigan