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Hello and welcome to my Cattery, I hope you'll enjoy
looking at all my angelic cats and kittens..My name's
Jodi and I have always had a love for cats and can't
remember a time when I wasn't owned by at least one..I fell in love with the adorable dollface persians
when my mom purchased a flame point boy, named
Thundercloud "Gumba", I just fell in love with his
sweet personality and beautiful face and decided
to research the breed,after much research I
decided to begin breeding..I purchased my first two
girls Tasha Renee and Shiloh Rose..both of these
sweet girls are very lovable and actually believe
they are children..as do all the others..
I keep things very small in order to allow all of my
kitty's to roam freely throughout my home..
of course I have a spare bedroom set up as a nursery
with a bed and two birthing cages..when a delivery
is near I am with my soon to be mama 24/7, most
of them feel much more secure having me with them.
I also learned alot from Francie who owns
Echoinghills cattery..without her I would have been
lost , She put up with all my questions and concerns and is still the first person I ask when a question arrises..I hope you enjoy my angels and check out my photo album(link on home page).I want people to have a feel for the type person I am, Many people ask the question " how can you purposely breed with all the unwanted kittens out there?" My response used to be an angry one..now it's simply that my babies are always wanted and NEVER end up in shelters or tossed aside to become another unwanted stray..I am very passionate about animal welfare and cringe when someone mentions that thier cat just had kittens..I want to scream ' HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF SPAYING AND NUETERING YOUR PETS"..My first question to you will be Why a persian kitten rather then a shelter kitten if and when you enquire about a kitten...I hope you adore the persian breed as I do but please do consider a shelter kitten..who was born unwanted and the novelty of having kittens wore out for the PET OWNER.. 

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