Kitten classifications

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kitten descriptions and classifications

pet quality :  is a kitten/cat that does not possess the ability to champion at a show with the CFA standards
that are written. these kittens make very desirable pets.
Breed quality: These kittens/cats may not necessarily
be championable..meaning that it may have a few
characteristics that could possibly disqualify it in a
show ring.
Breeder/show quality:this kitten/cat is championable
but may not do well to try to grand.this kitten/cat
would be an asset to your breeding program.
Top show: This kitten/cat is positively beautiful..this
kitten/cat could easily go on to champion and possibly

       our prices will vary by kitten...( color, quality etc...)
we will post pictures in our nursery as soon as new litters
we will take deposits on kitten's once they are posted on
our available kittens page.
we will not release any kitten to its new owner before the
kitten reaches 12 weeks old (no exceptions)
once you've put a deposit on a kitten it will be non refundable
 if you would like more information or would like to inqure about a kitten please fill out the form below  andI will get back with you
as soon as possible..

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