angelic boys

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These are our beautiful Angelic boys, I am very proud
of each and everyone of them..they are all a joy to have around..Read below to hear more about these special guys...

we are very sad to report that little Romeo
has passed away..

 These are my beautiful boys..I started out with my gentle giant Thunder cloud AKA Gumba..and now have several angels that are as beautiful as him..Bailey and Little Romeo are his babies and have owned a big piece of my heart from the day they were born...sadly my little Romeo AKA little pea..peanut died very unexpectedly and will always be in my heart..All my boys mean the world to me...each is unique in personality and passes thier best traits on to the next line of angels..

Our sweet little boy passed away 2 days shy of his first birthday,
he began acting funny and started having a very raspy purr and was
having a very hard time breathing..we rushed him to the vets where
they began giving him oxygen and trying to get his breathing under control..sadly his little lungs were full of blood and he could not be saved..We think he may have swallowed something sharp that punctured his esophagus and caused bleeding into his lungs.
He will be sadly missed and will always be our sweet little Peanut
please visit his catster page at

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