angelic girls

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 These are my beautiful little girls..Tasha Renee & Shiloh Rose were my first baby girls..I bought them from a lady  5 years ago and have loved them from that day forward..Shiloh is a kneader and seems to teach her babies to be the same..very adorable to walk into thier bedroom and see mama and babies in a circle around a fleece blanket kneading away..Tasha is my little drama queen all the way..she acts so lady like (if at all possible for a cat) and she over reacts to everything and will pout if she feels she isn't recieving her fair share of my time..Khloe is like having a little girl around..she loves to set outside with me and adores water..Fanci is the mama of the year..she loves all babies and is at her best when she has babies..china and cassidy are Shiloh's baby girls and are "you guessed it" kneaders..Angelica is Fanci's beautiful little girl..she has a very bossy personality but is very loving towards humans...

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